Healthy Crunch Rebranding (2023)

Self-directed Project

Healthy Crunch is a local Canadian health food brand. Its founder, Julie Bednarski, felt that there was a lack of healthy options in the existing Crunch and this inspired her to explore and create food that is both delicious and healthy.

When I did the market research, I found that its packaging lacked competitiveness and did not convey the brand mission well. Hence, I redesigned it to better convey the brand's mission and increase the brand benefits.


Healthy Crunch products have many features that require a clear hierarchy of information. To do this, I organized the brand's messages into three levels and graded them using font size and color. As a School Approved product, its audience is parents and children, so the use of illustrations can better express this feature. 






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Brand Identity Redesign

Original Brand Identity

Redesigned Brand Identity


Packaging Redesign



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